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We are a full-service interior design and project management firm that follows innovation and creativity wherever it leads, we’re based in Hyderabad and create distinctive, beautiful and functional spaces for work and family. Our creative process is balanced by hardworking skills in interior project management, technical design and in-depth functional analysis, which ensures that every detail is well defined and every nuance captured with total fidelity.

Immersive interior planning is the foundation of any project and gives us an ample opportunity to reduce the space, time and costing of the project to the client. We work behind imaginary glass doors to keep everything transparent. From pricing to the quality of the material used. We are patient enough to listen to your dreams and capable enough to understand and make them a reality. We are a fine blend of art and science and are accustomed to switch and use either sides of our brilliant minds!

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Your Vision Meets Our Passion

Great design requires greater collaboration, communication and trust. We create exceptionally functional spaces and homes through our free-flowing process which also involves working with high standards of sanitization for the current times.

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The finished product is again sanitized and sealed to perfection turning it into a safe space to live and work. The journey doesn’t end there, we are there to guide you with the best practices on usage and also are available to service if needed....and yes, we leave our phone numbers behind just in case

The smorgasbord of services & features,

  • Full-fledged Commercial & Residential Interiors
  • Maintenance Walkthrough with Backend Support
  • Free site visit
  • Service support
  • 100% Vaastu with additional Vaastu consultant
  • Inclusive Lighting Consultancy
  • Smart Home Solutions
  • Audio Engineering & Planning
  • Decor Facelift Support

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