Bharati Perugu

Bharati Perugu has been and continues to be a philanthropist from past 20 years in a dynamic environment of varied demography’s, by virtue of being an Indian Army Officers wife. Humanity and empathy being her inbuilt quality has been recognized in various National forums. Her keen desire for women empowerment has motivated her to take an initiative of becoming an entrepreneur without diluting philanthropy. She is the founder of Fleur de lis floral designs who comes with the zeal and an eye for home styling. Her expertise lies in bringing the most mundane and boring things to life and making them look vibrant. She is a wiz with her Midas touch by converting anything from duh to fab.Her Home décor and artificial silk floral designs have been recognized to be unique and live up to the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Considering the goals set by the Nation towards Atma Nirbhar Bharat to overcome unemployment and provide international level quality services, has motivated her to open another related vertical in Interior designing in Hyderabad , after gaining a recognized qualification from INIFD.

Kirthi Thakur

Kirthi Thakur is a young dynamic entrepreneur with an experience of serving with elite airlines services. Her inbuilt quality of dynamism leads her to start a career in the field of luxury lighting and provide lighting solutions to various interior designers and related field clients. M/s Jhumar luxury lighting with in the span of 5 years is among the top providers of lighting solutions in Hyderabad. Being in this business has enhanced her knowledge about interior designing. She believes in passion and smart work which lead to adding a vertical to her existing business that is “CapriAqqua designs”. Being an interior designer was a very personal and long-awaited dream come true and adding this certification to the existing long list of achievement was the moment she was waiting for. Having a working experience of 8 years and plus has given her the skills to cofound this company. The energy, brains and technical knowledge this field needs is backed by her. She has an eye for detailing and brings practical solutions to the designs.